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Secondary damages

Secondary damages in connection with fires can have several causes
  • Soot from the fire can contain substances, which causes corrosion on metal surfaces.
  • Holes in the roof or windows can cause intrusion of water and cause water damages.
  • Extinguishing a fire and several  extinguishing agents can cause damages.
Remediating secondary damages is not only aimed at limiting the damages , but it also creates time to thought, ensuring that the damage is handled best and quickest possible.
An effective remediation of secondary damage has crucial importance on the total extent of the fire damage.
Remediation of secondary damage most effectively happens with immediate action. A combination of preliminary wash down of corrosive substances, drying, heat and wiping off sensitive surfaces and treatment with water repellent oil.
The right combination of these treatments demands knowledge of eventual corrosive substances and the sensitivity of different surfaces on the technical equipment. As an example stainless steel must be treated much different from a usual iron surface.

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