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Marine & Off-shore

AREPA has been called for marine cases all over the world and has been doing restoration from small ships to the biggest in the world.

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Restoration of fire and water damages on board AREPA provides professional consultancy and solutions for cleaning and reconditioning material damaged by on board fires. These fires are usually extinguished very quickly, mostly thanks to the high classification of the ship’s fire alarm and extinguishing apparatus. This means that primary damage is often relatively limited, whereas secondary damage resulting from soot and chlorides is often much more extensive.

AREPA has 24-hour emergency teams in Denmark, Sweden, UK, France and the Netherlands, which can be called upon to establish the extent, level and effects of such contamination. Within a few hours on board the ship, the team will provide an outline of the consequences of the contamination caused by soot and chlorides.
AREPA has the capacity and expertise to provide total solutions and project management following fire and water damages – major as well as minor.

Clean and chloride-free equipment is guaranteed.

The restoration can thus be left safely in the hands of AREPA, who have carried out a significant number of such tasks around the world since the company was founded in 1981.

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