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Wind Turbines

AREPA has successfully tackled work in more than 60 countries. We can place our services at the disposal of the customer worldwide based on our 14 centres in Denmark, The Netherlands, UK, Sweden and France. We also work offshore and are fully equipped to operate in the special conditions that apply in this environment.

Our service operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year. We minimise the stoppage time from the moment the damage occurs to the resumption of production.

We restore all types of electrical and mechanical equipment which has been exposed to contamination by soot, oil, chemicals, salt, dust and other substances.

Typical damages in wind turbines:

Fire: The most common form of damage is a minor short circuit or a lightning strike which causes fire in one of the electrical components of the turbine. Quantities of soot and a variety of chemical compounds can find their way into many parts of the turbine.

Contamination: Classic examples of contamination are hydraulic oils, damper fluids, coastal fog (which leaves salt deposits), mould, water and subsoil sulphur fumes.

Transit: Contamination and corrosion damage can occur in transit or during storage.


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